Fan videos are highly engaging and valuable video content. A browser-based video recorder is the easiest possible way to collect crowdsourced videos.

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“21% of The Internet is Crowdsourced Video”

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Build and increase engagement with your community by collecting and sharing fan videos and crowdsourced video submitted by your audience. Your biggest fans would love to see fan videos from the rest of them.

Vidrack is a web-based video recorder used to collect videos through a website or landing page. Its a video record button you can place on any webpage. Or we’ll give you a video recorder landing page if you don’t have one.

Your followers, fans and customers can record and submit videos for you using only a web video camera or mobile video camera and a browser.

No app downloads, account creation, login, uploading or link sharing. Just visit the webpage address, click the video record button and make a video.

Its the simplest way possible for fans to record and submit videos to you.

It can be used for collecting video testimonials, video interviews, video feedback, video reviews and much more…