Sign up to get our WordPress Video Capture Plugin via email. It’s easy to install. Simply install it like you would any other

WordPress plugin. If you would like a quick demonstration please see our “How-to” video.

Once you install the product you simply place the shortcode, anywhere on a page, post or side bar in

your website admin panel and that will make a “Record Video” button appear.

Short Code

The short code can be used to align your product 3 different ways:

WordPress Video Capture Shortcodes

Capturing Videos

All your website visitors have to do is click on the button and a tool will open up activating their web

camera, or in the case of mobile activating their mobile camera! You can add a call to action before or

after your shortcode for whatever purpose your heart desires. Once the user clicks on the record

button, and gives permission* to the software to access their web camera the next steps are self-

*Note: Your users must give permission for the software to access their camera. And additionally for certain browsers (Google Chrome, etc.)

your users may have to click on a button (on the top of the internet browser) allowing access to the camera. This is an extra layer of protection

offered by the internet that vidrack does not have any control over.

Downloading Videos

Downloading videos is quick and easy. Simply login into your admin area of your WordPress site (ex Click on the link, in the left hand menu, called “video capture”.

This will open up a new page. On this page you see a list of all the videos that have been submitted to

you. Depending on your browser you can either click on the link to download the video or right click on

the link to download it. Once you have downloaded the video you can delete the video, off the server,

by clicking the box next to the link and clicking the delete button on the bottom.

Email Notification

Each time a video is submitted you will be notified via an email!

Download limits

You can download 25 videos per month, with the free version, and 100 videos per month with the premium version.  If you need more videos please contact us and we will provide a customized solution for you.

Video Formats

.flv This is the Real Player file format.

Mac users need to download a .flv player to play downloaded videos. Download a free player here:

All videos submitted using desktops and laptops will be in this version.

Mac users will need to download a free flv player to play this version.

.MOV This is mobile video version. iPhones submit videos in this format.

.GP3 This is a mobile video version. Android phones submit videos in this format.

A free .GP3 player will need to be downloaded to play this format.

Video Quality

Video quality will depend on the camera type, and internet connection, of your users.


We’ve done our very best to ensure our Video Capture Plugin works as smoothly as possible. However only you, our valued users, can tell us if there is anything we missed. If you encounter an error please send us an explanation of the error, and a screen shot (if possible), to Our team will then take every effort to fix this problem ASAP!