Our crowdsourced video recorder can be embedded on any website. Simply signup for an account at Vidrack.me and when logged in you can click share and beside the LinkedIn share button will see the embed symbol. You can then copy and paste the code into the HTML of any page on your website to produce a front facing video recorder on your website.

1.  Make an account or login at Vidrack.me

2.  Click Share button

Crowdsourced Video Sharing

3.  Click Embed Logo

Landing page share options

4.  Copy and Paste embed code into any page of your website.

Video Recorder Embed Code

5. The embed code will produce a video recorder on your website.

Browser-based video recorder

6.  Videos submissions can be accessed in your dashboard at Vidrack.me

crowdsourced video collection

 If you have WordPress you can also try our Free WordPress Plugin.