Vidrack is a uniquely built company that was founded on a necessity that was missing online. Collecting video submissions from a large audience was difficult. It required fans to make accounts, login places, download apps or share links. The easiest way to collect fan videos would be to have a web-based video recorder on your website or unique URL. We set out to build the simplest web-based video recorder that exists. And we did.

  • Vidrack was founded on May 24th 2013
  • For 2 1/2 years Vidrack was a part time project that has become a company
  • Vidrack’s total expenses to date are under $70,000
  • Current total monthly expenses are $340/month USD for server costs
  • Used by over 4500 online communities, businesses and organizations
  • Enterprise deal with Shaw Media for
    • Used to collect video auditions for an HGTV Series
    • Shaw is Canada’s largest media company
  • Vidrack has been used by US political candidates, medical organizations, TV/radio channels, recruiting companies, e-commerce websites, charities, film makers, bands, YouTube stars and sports teams.
  • Live on websites in 56 countries
  • Video submissions cost us an average of $0.002/video and are priceless to our users

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