Vidrack can Solve Your Biggest Video Content Problem

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As a small business owner I realized the importance of getting video testimonials for my website. Video content is taking over the internet and people are reading less and less. Videos can communicate so much more than a simple text review. You can relate to the person, see how genuine they are and connect with their feelings about a product or services in a much more powerful way.

When I was looking for an easy way to get video testimonials from my happy customers I realized there was no easy way to have them sent to me. At VidRack we will give you a branded website link (URL) that people can submit videos to you. When someone accesses your branded link on their smartphone it will have a button that offers to turn on their cell phone camera. The client or customer can then record a video review and click send. Your company will then receive a notification that you received a video.

If you don’t recognize the value of video testimonials on your website then please read more on the subject because it will soon be necessary for your business.


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