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Our crowdsourced video software helps easily gather videos from customers, fans, friends and family. Check out our video recorder landing pages.


Video created by people within your network. This form of content is very engaging and can really create a sense of community within your network. Your website visitors will feel ownership within your brand if they help create some of the content on your website. The power of user generated video content is no secret, the toughest part of this form of content is finding a way to gather it. Our Video Capture plugin can help with that.

Often used for video testimonials, reviews, interviews, opinions, collaborations, video contests, any fan made video you can think of.

See Examples of User Generated Video made with Vidrack.

Types of User Generated Video:

Video Testimonials

Provides great insights into your companies service and character. A good video testimonial allows prospects to make a personal connection with you and your company while developing a level of comfort. Video testimonials help people know what level of service to expect and give insights into the personality of your company.

Video Reviews

Showing video reviews of your product gives potential customers a sense of comfort when considering making an online purchase. They can see others who have made the same purchase, are happy and recommending your product.

Video Contests

Offering a prize for video submissions is a great way to gather fresh user generated content from your customers, fans and visitors.

Video Auditions

These help save agencies and directors time by refining the talent they see in person. Video auditions
Long casting lines for few positions are inefficient on two levels. It’s wastes the time of the casting agents and directors who have to filter through many candidates who don’t even come close to fitting a required role. Secondly it wastes the time of many candidates who have to wait in long casting lines for roles they aren’t a fit for. Video auditions help casting directors see potential talent at their own convenience saving both time and resources.

Video Interviews

Filtering through job prospects can be a daunting task. A resume gives very little insight into the personality of a job applicant. Traditionally an interviewer would have a stack of resumes on their desk and they’d select potential candidates completely based on a text resume that is often exaggerated and lacking information on a candidates passion and personality. A video interview gives visual information that can’t be produced in any other way.

Video Customer Support

Adding video, to your customer support strategy, is an excellent way to deliver additional value to your customers!

Industries that can benefit from user generated video content


Music Industry

Property Management


Recruiting Agencies






Medical Industry

Video Messages

Video Greetings

Video Contact Form

Video Estimates

Video Booth

Video Appraisals


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