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Auditions, as anyone can tell you who has ever watched American Idol, or any similar show, is a real crapshoot…  There seems to be so many people, at least from my observations, who have ambitions that overshoot their talent.  Rather then spending endless amounts of time, having each applicant auditioning, you can easily save time for everyone involved, and not to mention frustration, by adding another level of filters!

Video auditions are a great way to filter through the many applications that you receive.  For most talents, you should be able to clearly see if the person in question is any good in under a minute.  Then, you can decide if they should be brought in to the next stage of auditions.

Setting up a video audition is easier then you can imagine. All you need to do is add a simple video record button, on your website, as part of the application process.  This will allow you to gather videos easily and seamlessly from your users. If this is beyond your technical skill, or you need too many levels of managers approval to set this up, you can simply use our auto page generator, and send your applicants there to submit videos directly to you. All videos you receive are collected privately.

Having users submit videos is very easy.  Have the user spend 10 – 15 seconds identifying them selves in the video. Then have them demonstrate their specific talent in under 60 seconds.   Or better still, to save you time and frustration, have the user identify themselves after demonstrating their talent. This way you can quickly go through as many videos as possible.

Another, really cool benefit, for having applicants submit video auditions, you will have these raw videos to use in the future when you have identified the next up and coming star.  Think about how fascinating it would be for fans, of this rising star, to see, and identify with, their idol while they were still a diamond in the rough?

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  1. CJ says:

    Hi guys, great product. When someone is submitting their video audition, is there any way of capturing their contact information in a data field (name, telephone, email) that is then linked to the video in some way? When we watch a great video, we want a simple way of getting back to the person. Thanks!


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