Use Vidrack Video As Your Video Contest Software


Everyone likes contests, well at least most of us do.  They are exciting, they are emotional, and they tend to motivate us to behave in a specific manner.  When you were a kid, you probably remember some contest for a new bike, a school play, battle of the bands, or a trip to somewhere exotic.  Do you remember how emotional it made you?  Do you remember how you just had to participate in the contest, no matter what!  Do you remember the excitement, and anxiety, you had when the outcome was announced?  Then, if you had any luck, do you remember the pure elation when you were announced as the winner? Or the sadness and despair from losing, with the renewed hope for the next contest.  It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride!

Taping into the power of contests can be overwhelmingly rewarding, not just emotionally, but financially as well.  Think about how many leads you can generate by launching a contest.  Think about how fast a great contest can spread by word of mouth.  Think about how many new people will hear about your brand…

Video takes contests up a notch. Video adds an emotional element to the medium you are using.  It let’s you transmit, and capture emotion, in the most effective medium to date.  Think about the last time you read something that made you emotional.  I bet, for most of us, this doesn’t happen as often as it would if we were watching a video.  Think about the last time your friend sent you a text.  Did it have the same impact that it would if you received it as a video?  Have you tried Snapchat yet?  Your friends can send you all sorts of silly videos.  I can’t help but laugh when they do. I often find a video of my friends doing something silly far more entertaining then a text description of their shenanigans…

The best part of a video contest, is being able to capture these emotions.  Getting excited people, generating video content for you, can have phenomenal impact on your bottom line.  Most people live very boring lives, and they are constantly searching for excitement. Even if they won’t admit it!  If you can add, even an ounce of, excitement to their lives, you will lighten up their day!

How do I create a video contest?

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