Use Vidrack Me As Your Video Interview Software



Hiring talent is always a challenge.  You need to figure out where the best place to find your talent is.  What the best motivation to lure in candidates, beyond remuneration alone. And then you need to carefully craft your message to lure in these candidates.  With all these daunting tasks, when you finally start to interview candidates, you often can become dismayed when the ideal candidate, the one with the best CV and cover-letter, shows up at your interview and you discover they have zero social skills. Or even worse, they are completely inappropriate for the position due to many factors, that I will not mention here for obvious reasons.

Most people make a hiring decision within the first minute of interviewing a candidate.  Believe it or not, hiring is an emotional decision.  We then spend the rest of the interview justifying the decision with tests, exams, etc…  Maybe, the despair and frustration, from having to sit through an entire interview, even when there is no way on earth you will hire the person, can easily be avoided. 

Enter video interviews.  Or at least, video introductions.  If you have your candidates, or at least the candidates selected for an interview, submit brief two minute videos explaining why they are ideal for your position, you will most likely be able to get a much better opinion if you are likely to hire them or not.

Adding a video component, to the hiring process is easier then you can imagine.  You can either add a video capture tool to your application page.  Or, create a video webpage, and send applicants to this webpage to submit videos to you.  Then you can quickly determine if these are the ideal candidates for the position.

Just imagine how much time you could have saved?

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