A web-based video recorder is a embeddable video recorder you can put on any website or video recorder landing page.

These webpages are where you send people to record and submit videos to you.

When people visit that page they click the ‘Video Record’ button and activate a webcam or mobile camera and record you a video right through your website. Your videos are stored privately and can be downloaded to your computer and used as you wish.

Crowdsourced videos are videos created by followers of your online or offline community.

  • Followers can be your customers, fans, friends and family.
  • These videos could be video testimonials, video auditions, video interviews, video opinions, video feedback, video diagnosis and more…

Crowdsourced video is extremely engaging, free and can be a great addition to any online communities   content strategy.

  • Authentic video testimonials that are properly positioned will increase website engagement, trust in your brand, confidence in your product and conversions on your website.
  • Video Interviews will decrease in person interview time and allow employers to pre-qualify who they interview in person based on applicants video interview submissions.
  • Video opinions and feedback are a great way to allow your audience to be heard.

     The Problem is…

Crowdsourced video is very difficult to collect and gather… It requires your users record a video, create or have an account on a video platform or social network, login, upload the video and share a link with you to download or view the video. That’s a lot of extra effort for a lot of people.

The Cure is Vidrack.

A web-based video recorder eliminates this friction. Now all they need to record a video is a camera and a browser. Vidrack is a video recorder that can be placed on any web address you control. Now all your followers have to do is visit the web address (URL) you have Vidrack on, click ‘record video’ and start filming. Thats it! Once you user stops recording the video is stored privately in your dashboard where it can be downloaded, deleted, shared on social media or stored.