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Most customers, that are making a purchasing decision, will often look for a product / service review before they make a purchase decision.  If the price point is low, lets arbitrarily say $25.  Then maybe they will forgo this, but as the financial cost of the purchase begins to increase they will increase their reliance on consumer reviews and consumer journals.

The goal, ideally, would be to have third party independent reviewer review your product, and independently come to the finding that your offering is the best in the market. However, this is not always the case, nor is their always an independent consumer review company, working in your market.

The next alternative would be to get news organizations, that focus on your industry, to independently review the product and provide their opinion.  This is both a good and bad thing since you can rarely predict, nor control, what content they produce.

So how do you create high quality content without going through all of the risk and trouble of getting an independent company or news reporter to review you?  Use your evangelists, the people who are the most enthusiastic about your product.  The people who contribute to your net promoter score. 

Get your evangelists to talk about why they use your product, or service.  Have them talk about what problems they were encountering before they found your product.  Have these people talk about the benefits they gained from using your product.  And, ideally, reward these people for doing this.  This doesn’t have to be financial, it can be as simple as giving them ‘first access’ to a new product. What we call beta testers.  Or it could mean giving them exclusive customer support for their loyalty, etc…  Be creative.

Now, once you have compiled several videos, from all of your different evangelists.  You need to select the videos that are the most relevant to your market.  You need to make sure that the presenter, the person making the video, resonates with your audience. Make sure that this person represents your typical customer, or user, using your product to solve the typical problem your product solves.  Further, make sure the presenter demonstrates the benefit that your product gives them, at the time they gain the benefit.

Finally, after you have narrowed down your best videos.  Select the videos with the most emotionally infective users.  That is the most charismatic speakers.  One charismatic speaker is worth his weight in gold…

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