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Vidrack is the easiest way to gather video testimonials from your clients, customers and fans. Its as simple as putting our video record button on any webpage you want to collect testimonials from.

Video testimonials are a very powerful way to increase conversions on your website. They create a sense of trust, authenticity, social proof and emotional connection. For a video testimonial to be effective it must be authentic, from a real customer who loves your product. Don’t be afraid to include video testimonials with some negative points in them. This shows you have nothing to hide and furthermore boost trust for your company or brand. Companies who only show extremely positive video testimonials can raise a red flag for potential customers. It may seem rehearsed or as if their is something to hide. People assume no company is perfect. If you’re open about your weaknesses and show a commitment to improving them you will gain much more respect then trying to make it seem like everything is perfect in your company.

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    • Ryan Parent says:

      We will be launching a premium version that will allow video commenting. You would need to build it yourself for now using our Javascript Callback feature.

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