YouTube is the most powerful and used video platform in the world. Over 1 billion unique visitors use YouTube each month. Each month 6 billion hours of video is watched and 100 hours of video is uploaded per minute. Only 30% of YouTube traffic comes from the U.S. making it the ultimate global video marketing machine. With numbers like this businesses and organizations can’t ignore the massive marketing potential of such a platformIntroduction to Video Marketing on YouTube

Lesson 1: Give YouTube Information About Your Videos

Video Title, Description and Tags

Lesson 2: Analyze Tags in Your Competitors YouTube Videos

Finding Tags from Competitors Videos

Lesson 3: Add Your Videos to YouTube Playlists

YouTube Playlists

Lesson 4: Gather 10 Views on a New YouTube Video as Fast as Possible

10 Complete Views

Lesson 5: Choosing a Great Thumbnail for Your Video Results in More YouTube Views

Choose your Videos Thumbnail Wisely

Coming soon!

Lesson 6: Collecting and Sharing Fan Videos Increases YouTube Engagement

Collect and Share YouTube Fan Videos

How to Become a YouTube Star

Lesson 7: Becoming a YouTube Star – Coming Soon!

Lesson 8: How to get More YouTube Views – Coming Soon!

Lesson9 :How to get More YouTube Subscribers – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! The Best Marketing Movies


2 thoughts on “YouTube Marketing

  1. Lou Edwards says:

    Now all we need is an “Upload to YouTube” (button( of the fan videos we want to create an embed-able playlist from,
    without having to download each .flv and then upload them again.

    • Ryan Parent says:

      This is a very highly requested feature. We’re raising money to build this feature. Thanks for your feedback! Coming soon!

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