YouTube Optimization – Choose your Thumbnail Wisely

Choose the Thumbnails for Your Videos
Choose the Thumbnails for Your Videos

So what makes a good thumbnail for your YouTube video?

Often times when companies upload their new videos to YouTube they simply accept the thumbnail that YouTube chooses. YouTube uses some facial recognition algorithms and other analytics to choose the default thumbnails but at the end of the day a carefully selected thumbnail will always perform better. There are countless examples of viral YouTube videos whose success is very much assisted by a captivating thumbnail.

Practical vs. Emotional YouTube Thumbnails

They key here is to somehow evoke emotion or be practical with your image. You don’t need to make people crack up laughing but just enough emotion to entice them to give your video a click. There are a number of emotions that contribute to success with online videos. We’ll go over these more in detail in another post. Otherwise you can display a thumbnail that is practical and easy for for people to understand the what the video is about.

If I were doing a video review of a speaker system that was just released I’d want to show a thumbnail that is either practical or emotional. So I have two options I could show a thumbnail of people partying and having a tons of fun at a party with the speakers I am going to review.

Practical thumbnails offer useful visual information about whats contained in the video and emotional thumbnails cause a cause the potential viewer to “feel” something and hopefully entice them to click.

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      People often neglect the impact of a great thumbnail in YouTube videos. Thanks for visiting our marketing blog!

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