YouTube Optimization – Gather 10 Complete Views

Get 10 Views on New YouTube Videos
When you upload a new video, YouTube begins making value judgements of your content.

YouTube has no metrics to judge your video so it puts a heavy weight on how the first viewers interact with you video. This is why its very important to get 10 complete views of your video immediately when its posted or soon after. Doing this tells YouTube that users are engaged with your video content.

You will need to have your video viewed from 10 different IP addresses. This can be a challenge but here are some tips to get those 10 views. Log out of YouTube and view on your home computer and then from your cell phone. Make sure your cell phone is viewing the video through the cell phone network and not your home wireless. Now call some friends. Get them to watch. Finally keep a short list of your biggest fans, best customers and people who love your company. Make a small email list and ask for them to watch your video in its entirety. You could also hire people through services like Fiverr or Elance to watch your videos for a few cents a video.

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Get 10 Views on New YouTube Videos
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