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Optimizing YouTube Playlists
Optimizing YouTube Playlists

Attach your Videos to Relevant Playlists:

YouTube allows users to create playlists and attach other people’s videos to your own videos. Playlists are a way for users to classify and categorize videos. Their main purpose are to add your video to similar themed videos from other users or to connect a group of relevant videos with in your own channels collection of videos.

Benefits of Using YouTube Playlists:

Playlists are intended to provide viewers with an extended viewing experience on a particular topic or theme. It allows people to seamlessly watch a group of videos without having to do anything. Generally videos that are watched within a playlist get a greater watch time. Playlists also are treated by YouTube as a separate asset that will appear in search results and in the suggested videos section.

A Playlist with My Video Added to Other Users Relevant Videos:

This is a great way to attract people who wouldn’t otherwise find your related video. Often Playlists rank very well in YouTube search results and many people search for playlists on a specific topic. People watching videos in your playlist will often be channeled onto your video within the playlist.

A Playlist with My Video added to My Own Related Videos:

This is a great way to organize your YouTube channel and offer a seamless stream of related videos. A great use for an internal playlist is to group a series related videos together. For example I’m doing a video series on YouTube optimization (YTO) and when I have enough videos for a playlist I will create a playlist that presents my YTO videos in a logical order.

YouTube Playlist Optimization:

Once you’ve created a playlist it’s very important to optimize it. Add proper Meta information. You can add a Title, Description and Tags to your playlist. This will help YouTube determine where to place your playlist in search results.

Edit start end time of videos within your playlist:

This is used to enter views into specific points in time within each video in the playlist. One use would be if all the videos in your playlist have the same intro or outro. You can have each video start after the intro so a viewer doesn’t have to watch the same intro every time a new video starts in the playlist. The benefit of this is to give viewers a more refined viewing experience while watching your playlist.

Playlist Notes:

You can add notes to your playlist that can be used to give a personalized touch to your playlist. This is a great way for your viewers to hear the voice of your channel. It’s also a great place to mix in some keywords and incite conversation among you and your views.

Interstitial Videos:

These are videos that only appear between any two videos in your playlist. Their used to offer a lead into the next video and can also be used to start commenting conversation on your videos.

What YouTube says about Playlists

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