YouTube Optimization: Finding Tags from Competitors Videos

YouTube Optimization Tips
How to get tags for your videos from high ranking competitor videos.

YouTube Optimization Tips
Seeing Tags in the Source Code
How do I think of more Tags for my YouTube videos?

In a previous post, we talked about the importance of Tags in your YouTube videos. I still can’t stress this enough. One problem many people have is thinking of 500 characters in tags. It’s recommended that YouTube channel owners use all the tags that can be used.

Check your competitors TAGS, Copy Paste and Edit.

Here is a great trick I learned a while ago. What you need to do is find videos that you would consider as direct competitors to yours (or as close as you can find). Given that 24 hours of video content is loaded every second on YouTube, I’m sure you can find something similar to what you’ve uploaded.

Now that you’ve found some closely related videos it’s time to check the source code. I have attached a screen shot of what the source code window looks like. Every browser has a different way of checking source code. This is a very simple step and you could do a simple google search for more information about it. Usually it’s as simple as a click.

Now that you’ve loaded the source code of your competitor’s videos, search for the word “keywords”:

  • On a mac you can push “Command-F” to search for a word
  • On PC it should be “Control-F”

Your browser should highlight the word “keywords” in the source code of your competitor’s video. Beside the search results, there will be all the keywords (Tags) that are attached to the competing video.  Highlight, copy, paste and edit and repeat if needed. This is a great way to find relevant tags for your video if you’re struggling with some keyword writer’s block.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Optimization: Finding Tags from Competitors Videos

    • Ryan Parent says:

      Hey good point. That is very important. You can’t just blindly copy other videos tags. I usually will search for videos using keywords I would use to find my own videos and use those tags on my videos. Stay tuned for more YouTube Optimization Tips coming soon!

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