YouTube Optimization – Title, Description and Tags

This is a view of the YouTube dashboard in the video manager. Here is where you will add Title, Description and Tags to your YouTube videos. Read bellow for some great YouTube Optimization tips.

Introduction to YouTube Optimization

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Video Title, Description and Tags


The Title of the video is the most powerful text connected to your entire video post. Additionally, the words that appear near the beginning of the videos title will hold the most weight. Therefore, the Primary keywords that you want the video to rank for (in search results) should be close to the beginning of the title. An example of a primary keyword would be “Samsung Television” for a video regarding a television review.

The best advice I can give for writing video titles is to be descriptive and accurate. A descriptive title helps YouTube properly display the video in search results. If your video is a product review for a Samsung Model ABCD Television, a good title would be “Samsung Model ABCD Television Product Review”. It explains the video very well in one sentence. Note that YouTube’s maximum title length is 100 characters.


This is where most people fail in their video optimization. Often people even leave the description blank! YouTube uses the description to help determine where your video will rank in long tail search results while gathering keywords to determine more specifically what your video is about. They mean search queries that usually have many words and are quite specific and targeted. An example of a long tale search term would be “Best 56 inch Samsung television for bright rooms”.

Another common mistake people make with their video descriptions is that they add a copy and paste plug for their company that ends up being almost useless for YouTube to determine more about your video. Write: unique, descriptive and keyword rich content in the description.

Another important item to note is you can add url’s to YouTube video descriptions. This is where you can send traffic to other social networks and more importantly to your website. This is a very powerful feature that YouTube allows that every video posted should take advantage of.  I suggest putting links to your website, social network pages and to other videos you posted which are relevant.

How many words does YouTube allow in a video’s description?

Answer: Approximately 980 words or 4850 characters including spaces. It’s safe to say YouTube prefers a longer description than something too short.


Tagging your videos thoroughly is an essential step in properly optimizing your YouTube videos. Tags are like adding keywords to your videos. They help YouTube classify your video much easier. I suggest using as many tags as possible. Statistically, all else being equal, videos with more relevant tags will perform better and get more views and time watched.

Tags should not only describe the content but the problems it solves, but also any keywords discussed. Think of words that someone searching for your video might use.

How many tags does YouTube allow on a video?

YouTube will allow 500 Characters in the tags section. I suggest using as many as possible.

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4 thoughts on “YouTube Optimization – Title, Description and Tags

  1. Vijay says:

    What are the most powerful YouTube to get more views on YouTube?They must attract groups of people?Give some tag names.Please.Example:People who work in a company or company name to attract more views.Names of people for their fans to come and see my video.Tell some powerful tags thatattract lots of people.Please

    • Ryan Parent says:

      Hey thanks for your comment. When it comes to choosing the right tags for your YouTube videos you need to do keyword research. You need to find the keywords and tags that best describe your video and also match how people search for your videos content. Also people generally search when they have some kind of a problem. So if you make your content answer problems then use tags that are related to the problem you solve. Hope this helps!

  2. raza says:

    tags limit 500 note: one extra character for every one tag
    one two three these three tags have 13 characters long
    maximum one tag characters= 100

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